Swimsuit Evolution

The Evolution of Swimwear

It wasn’t until the 1910’s when it was acceptable for women to show some skin in their swimsuits. Before then, women covered up almost every inch of skin because it was the way society accepted women.

Now, swimsuits are getting smaller & smaller!

Today, bikinis are the most worn type of swimsuit. There’s even been an evolution of bikinis! In 2000, Bikini Bottoms in America covered your entire tush! Now in 2016, we see that Swimsuit Fashion in the US has been inspired by European and South American swimwear. The smaller the better!

But lately, fashion from the past is coming back into style! Here are a few examples of one-pieces that look sexy & glamorous at the same time.


Us ladies are very lucky because we have VARIETY! We can wear any type of swimwear that suits our bodies. We’re all different shapes and sizes and whether you’re more covered up or showing lots of skin, embrace your beauty!

What type of swimsuits will you be wearing this spring/summer?

Leave comments down below and remember to follow my blog for more posts on everything fashion!

Have a beautiful day ladies!

Xoxo, Gabby


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